Monday, November 19, 2007

Thugs: Incident #9424

SO some guy is driving along, and he has a diabetic seizure (as in the kind that can kill you). He pulls over to the side of the road, and passes out. And then the cops show up. Fantastic, right? What a lucky guy! The cops will call the ambulance, and this guy's life is now no longer in danger.


Because he was having a diabetic seizure and unresponsive to commands, he got shot with a Taser and was booked for DUI and resisting arrest. Let me say that again. A 54 year old man, barely conscious, and in a state of diabetic arrest, got shot with a Taser, and booked for DUI and resisting arrest.

Incredibly enough, even though the police have been made aware of his medical condition, and tests show show absolutely zero alcohol in his system, the DUI and resisting arrest charges have not been dropped.


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