Saturday, February 09, 2008

File under "I'd hate to be in this suckers shoes"

In case you're not aware, Dubai is the site of some of the most amazing engineering projects ever attempted. All in an effort to increase tourism to the point where the state would not be totally reliant on oil, which they believe is going to run out very soon. Obviously they are hoping to attract A LOT of tourists and their dollars...sorry, Euros (does the US dollar even still exist?)

And also in case you're not aware, they have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. No, I don't think you quite understand: A ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on drugs. Imagine spending four years in jail in Dubai because the officials found a trace of marijuana that weighs less than a grain of sugar under some guys shoe (they use very "high" tech equipment-...get it? "high" tech?). How big is the frigging sugar in Dubai?!?!?! And who is this guy? Shaq?

And in case you're still deciding whether you want to be all Nancy Reagan on this and start preaching about the dangers of drugs and how he deserved to be locked up, consider that "drugs" also include over the counter medication......that is also available in....what's the name of that place again? oh yes...Dubai.

And there's another crack-head who got arrested because they found three poppy-seeds on him that he got from eating a bread-roll at Heathrow Airport. So that's why food at airports are so expensive. They are laced with drugs.

Unfortunately, the folks in Dubai didn't get the tourism memo. People use drugs and eat bread rolls.

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