Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld: War Criminal

SO the Center for Constitutional Rights has announced that next week they will be bringing war crimes charges against Donald Rumsfeld.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation on November 8th represents a first step toward accountability for the Bush Administration's widespread practices of torture and unlawful detention, said attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). Under Donald Rumsfeld's direction--often under his direct orders--the Department of Defense adopted the practices of torture and indefinite detention that CCR is currently challenging in many court cases.

The Center will be filing a new case charging him with war crimes under Germany's universal jurisdiction law together with the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), the Republican Attorneys Association (RAV) and others next week. CCR attorneys called on his successor to close Guantánamo and put an end to the unlawful torture and detention of thousands in the so-called war on terror.

The Center for Constitutional Rights represents hundreds of men detained at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Germany is apparently the best place to do this, as the lessons learned from the Nazi regime have led them to the construction of a legal system which allows for the prosecution of war criminals and torturers no matter where in the world they live.

Rumsfeld may very well be be found guilty for his role in authorizing torture in Guantanamo Bay. This raises the interesting question as to what will happen once that verdict is made. Until now, war crimes prosecutions have been mostly of Nazis, or crackpot dictators from relatively insignificant countries.

It will be interesting to see what will happen if an American is convicted as a war criminal. Especially interesting will be Israel's reaction.

linky - CCR announcement.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Greatest Threat

So the Guardian and some other international newspapers did a survey to determine public opinion on which world leaders make the world less safe.

in the eyes of UK voters: 87% think the al-Qaida leader is a great or moderate danger to peace, compared with 75% who think this of Mr Bush.

The US leader and close ally of Tony Blair is seen in Britain as a more dangerous man than the president of Iran (62% think he is a danger), the North Korean leader (69%) and the leader of Hizbullah, Hassan Nasrallah (65%).



Thursday, November 02, 2006

Free Airport WiFi

I am in the process of compiling a listing of airports, and whether or not they have free WiFi internet access.

ALB (Albany, NY) - no
AMA (Amarillo, TX) - yes
BGI (Barbados) - yes
CGX (Chicago, IL - Meigs) no
CUR (Curacao) no
FLL (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA) - yes
LAX (Los Angeles, CA, USA) - no
MDW (Chicago, IL - Midway) no
MCO (Orlando, FL, USA) - yes
MIA (Miami, FL, USA) - no
MLB (Melbourne, FL, USA) - yes
ORD (Chicago, IL - O'Hare) - no
POS (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad) - yes
STL (St. Louis, MO, USA) - no

Note to airport admins: Please don't bother emailing to tell me about internet access that requires payment. If you don't have free WiFi, you don't have WiFi at all.