Monday, June 30, 2008

Laptops @ Customs (a.k.a. 7%)

RECENTLY I've been writing about the way laptops are searched and/or seized at customs. As it were not bad enough, it turns out that this also includes cellphones, digital cameras and PDAs. They can seize your private, personal data, and hold it for two weeks.

For several years, U.S. officials have been searching and seizing laptops, digital cameras, cell phones and other electronic devices at the border with few publicly released details.

This is America right? How often can this possibly happen?

The issue is of particular concern for businesses, which risk the loss of proprietary data when executives travel abroad, said Susan K. Gurley, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. After the California ruling, the group warned its members to limit the business and personal information they carry on laptops taken out of the country. Of 100 people who responded to a survey the association did in February, seven said they had been subject to the seizure of a laptop or other electronic device.

7%. Or in other words, the terrorists have already won.

The Baltimore Sun has the story - linky


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