Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kalarippayat (Kalari)

Kalarippayattu is the martial art form of Kerala, in South India; it is characterised by low crouching postures, based on animals – elephant, horse, wild boar, high kicks and explosive twisting jumps. The name has two components – kalari - meaning the space of practice, built to prescribed dimensions, and - payatu- meaning fighting technique; now it is often referred to simply as 'kalari'.

Wow. That sounds pretty cool.

The highest stage of kalari is achieved when 'the body becomes all eyes'. A technique that emphasizes and leads to such a state of heightened awareness

So let me see I got this right. A Kalari expert becomes all eyes and has heightened awareness of the surroundings.

Didn't seem to work so well for Gitanjali Kolanad, master instructor of Kalari, whose heightened awareness somehow didn't manage to pick up on the six hundred pound lion that was about to kick her ass.

Awareness. Off the chain yo.

Gitanjali Kolanad's site
about kalari
Gitanjali, getting wtfpwned by lion


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