Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tasers = Torture

THIS just in from the No Shit Sherlock Derpartment.

"The use of these weapons causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture,'' the UN's Committee against Torture said.

In addition to its other claims for fame, the United States can now be noted for arming its police with instruments of torture for use against its citizens.

Lawyers, start your engines!




Blogger Jason said...

So, I'm guessing you've never been to most European nations, Japan, Australia, Russia, the Ukraine, or any of the over 100 nations whose police forces are issued and do use stun guns (yes, the TAZER(tm) is an exclusive to the US and Japan, but that's only 1 brand of many manufacturers).

In short, MANY nations, both industrialized and non- use stun guns which do FAR less damage than the fully-automatic weapons you'll see in the hands of police on the streets of Germany, Italy, France and many other Euro nations.

You're posting with blinders on obviously, blinders which apparently only show the U.S. in a negative light and which ignore the EXACT same policies in those nations which you (quite ignorantly) seem to approve of.

November 26, 2007 4:16 PM  
Blogger alfonso.e.urdaneta said...


You raise a very good point, that foreign countries use Tasers and I don't post anything about them.

The reason is pretty simple - I don't really give a shit what cops in Europe to do their citizens, because I don't live there.

I'm not anti-US, I'm anti-ShitThatPissesMeOff, and since I live in the US, the bulk of my content is US-centric. If I lived in Germany, more than likely I'd probably be posting anti-German stuff.

I did edit one sentence based on your comment, because as you correctly point out, I don't know what goes on in other countries.

Thanks for the feedback.

November 27, 2007 1:50 PM  

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