Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can't buy me love

SO theres a company that keeps track of what rich people do. And when I say rich, I don't mean Paris Hilton, I mean people that have a net worth of between 1 and 10 million. It turns out that they cheat. A lot.

Of those confessing to an affair, more were women (61%) than men (43%). The reason cited most frequently by both sexes: variety.

You would think that maybe they should get divorces?

Most men responding to the Prince & Associates survey (75%) said cost is their main obstacle to getting a divorce, and 61.5% said they feared it would hurt business dealings and opportunities. Just 7.7% of men cited harm to the kids.

Money > kids it seems. What about a woman's perspective?

financially independent women were no less practical in their answers. The biggest obstacle cited was interference with business dealings (51%), followed by cost (42.8%). Just 14% said they feared divorce because it would hurt the kids.

Turns out that rich do know how to do one thing - hedge their bets. Unsurprisingly, women are better planners than men.

About 56% of women in the survey said they had hidden or protected assets, while 36% of the men said they had done so. Those with more than $10 million were three times as likely to have hidden or protected assets.

Forbes has the story - linky


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