Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laura Lopez: books are bad

So apparently Laura Lopez wants some books removed from the school library that her kids go to. Why?

My kids are going to school to learn, not to become a homosexual or an abortion doctor or an atheist

This woman must really take an interest in her kids education if shes gone so far as to check out what books are in the library, right? Wrong.

Lopez admits she hasn't read a single one of the objectionable books cover-to-cover.

I don't understand. So how did she find these books, since she apparently doesn't have the time to read?

she went to the computerized card catalogue and typed in the keywords "homosexuality," "abortion" and "atheism."

Apparently this woman has never heard of google. Kudos for looking out for your kids lady, I'm sure they support you 100%.

"My oldest son doesn't believe in God," she said. "I guess he kind of thinks I'm stupid."

Oh well.

The palm beach post has the story - linky


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