Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top 10 Signs You Might Not Get a Fair Trial at Gitmo

From NPR:

  • (10.) Your lawyer's boss is the prosecutor.
  • (9.) Your Arabic translator -- who was hired by the prosecution -- doesn't speak your dialect.
  • (8.) Four of the five judges in your case have never seen the inside a law school.
  • (7.) Two of your judges have just returned from heated battles in Afghanistan fighting a resurgent Taliban.
  • (6.) The president of the United States has publicly condemned you as a terrorist and enemy combatant, but the judges who report to this commander-in-chief advise you of your presumption of innocence.
  • (5.) Your tribunal was last used more than 50 years ago when it resulted in summary executions without meaningful appeals.
  • (4.) The people you must appeal your conviction to are the same people who prosecuted you.
  • (3.) When your lawyer asks the judge if he's ever read the Geneva Convention, the judge says no.
  • (2.) When your lawyer asks one of your judges what's the jurisdiction of the court to hold your tribunal, and the judge looks dumbstruck.
  • (1.) The general who decides your motion to disqualify all five of your judges as incompetent and conflicted is the same man who picked them in the first place.



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