Friday, April 20, 2007

Yes Virginia, there are crazy people out there

SO I've been watching the news, reading stuff online and listening to talk radio, and there are about a million knee-jerk suggestions on what could have been done to prevent the Virgina shootings.

I have heard:

  • Banning guns altogether
  • Banning high capacity magazines (even though there is no evidence he had any)
  • Requiring all students to have guns to defend themselves
  • Requiring all teachers to have guns to defend the students
  • Requiring certain students and teachers to have guns
  • More campus police
  • Installing a campus-wide siren system
  • Bullet-proof steel doors (SUP!)
  • Banning koreans

    OK, so the last one was a joke.

    But here is the thing that everyone seems to be missing:

    A year and a half before he committed the crime Monday, Cho underwent psychiatric treatment for a mental disorder and was arrested several times. The most noticeable incident was at the end of 2005, when Cho made phone calls and sent e-mails to two female students that amounted to stalking. Faculty in the English Department, alarmed by Cho’s odd behavior and the violent nature of this writing, asked the university to exclude him from English classes. His behavior showed a pattern similar to that of gunmen in other shootings at American schools in the past, but the school ignored the warning and let Cho continue with his classes.

    Maybe we should focus on getting better at spotting crazy people and actually listening to the people that warn us about them so we can treat the crazy people before they hurt someone.

    Or would that be too hard?


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