Thursday, December 14, 2006

After all the bullshit...

SO unless you've been living under a cave, you've probably heard about the arrests and the super scary terrorist plot to sneak explosives on board airplanes disguised as toiletries. This plot is the reason that I have to throw away all my food and water, the reason I can't carry my laptop, the reason I have to check baggage every time I fly instead of using a carry-on, and the reason that all my flights take that much longer because I have to wait for my bag at baggage claim every time I fly because apparently deodorant poses an imminent danger to the free world.

And now it turns out that after all the bullshit that we all went through, the guy's case got dismissed because there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him with, all he had was a couple of bottles of peroxide.

Un. Be. Lieveable.

Somewhere in Afghanistan, Osama is laughing his ass off.

BBC has the story - linky

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