Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dallas, we have a problem

So apparently some hip-hop producer called Dallas Austin was convicted for four years for posession of 1.26 grams of coke, having been arrested back in May. It seems that he just got pardoned by the Vice-President of Dubai. His novel defence - he had accidentally brought the drug into the country, because he had "forgotten" to dispose of it beforehand. I'll be sure to use that one if I ever get arrested for international drug trafficking.

This is good news.

First, there will be all sorts of controversy over why exactly some guy can come up with a bullshit excuse like that and get off. Then people will talk about apparently its ok to break the law if you are rich and famous. Then people will talk about how come regular (non-rich, non-famous) people get so harshly prosecuted for the same minor offences - especially in barbaric contries such as Thailand and Indonesia.

And maybe, just maybe, along the way, people will talk about just how stupid and pointless the "War on Some Drugs" is. Maybe people will talk about how enforcement of these antiquated and racist laws is a total waste of time and money. Maybe people will talk about how all that energy could be directed to addressing more important societal issues such as murder, rape, inadequate education, inadequate healthcare, AIDS, teenage pregnancy, and about a zillion other more important things, instead of worrying what adults put into their bodies, harming only themselves and the profits of Big Pharma, Big Alcohol, and Big Tobacco.

Maybe, maybe not, but we can hope.


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