Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank you for paying

One of the things that I wish I could see here in the US in my lifetime is free universal healthcare. However, every time I mention this to people opposed to the idea, they always say something along the lines of "where will the money come from", and "taxes will have to go up to pay for it".

But here's the thing. We are already paying for healthcare. Only thing is, we are paying for everybody else's instead of our own.

A good job has benefits, such as company subsidized medical insurance. Bob works at AT&T, and he gets his healthcare insurance paid for. Alice has AT&T as her long distance provider. A tiny percentage of every dollar she pays to AT&T for telephone service goes to covering Bob's healthcare insurance.

Repeat this for every single product we buy, from condoms to nachos, and you will see that we are being nickel and dimed to death, paying for healthcare insurance for everybody but ourselves. What makes it really sad is that under our current system the people who can least afford healthcare, the ones that are least likely to have good jobs that provide them with healthcare benefits, the working poor, are the ones that are paying for the rich. And they have no say in the matter.

I'd call it ironic, but disgusting is a better word.


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