Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Robin Gates

So Bill Gates is retiring from Microsoft, and will focus the remainder of his time to goofing off, and to running the Gates Foundation. In case you didn't know, for years he has been funneling his money into the Gates Foundation, which focuses on helping the poor, sick and needy in third world countries.

Bill Gates is the closest thing to Robin Hood that our generation will ever see, or will see again, on a global scale. Like Robin Hood, Gates commited so-called "criminal" acts such as monopoly abuse, extortion, willful destruction of competitors, patent infringement, stifling of innovation, and a host of other shady actions. These actions have created a monopolistic empire that has extorted the rich (American and European computer users) for over two decades, and now the bulk of that money is going to be used to help the poor and needy via the Gates Foundation.

From the viewpoint of a software developer, I truly despise what he has done to my profession and the computer industry. From the viewpoint of a human being, I cannot possibly hold him in higher regard. Unless someone comes along and cures cancer, or discovers cold fusion, Bill Gates has probably done more for his fellow man than anyone ever has, or ever will.

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