Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Apparently the US has been accused of abducting and transporting suspected terrorists to secret prisons in foreign states so that they can be outside the jurisdiction of US laws. There are a ton of stories in the news lately, and there is an article on Wikipedia about it. What makes this particularly depressing is that among the myriad sources cited in the Wikipedia article is a report by Amnesty International.

Yes Virginia, Amnesty International is writing about the USA.

Two buildings, 3,000 people, and now we are now so terribly terribly afraid that we are now resorting to the same hideous actions which were once the sole domain of despots, tyrants and dictators. We can no longer lay claim to the moral high ground as our government and its actions are just as evil as those we condemn.

The terrorists have won.

linky - Amnesty International entry on rendition
linky - wikipedia entry
linky - google news search on "rendition"


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