Monday, June 26, 2006

Breaking the law

So apparently Pete King is upset that The New York Times is publishing stories about secret surveillance programs being run by the government, and would like to see the paper prosecuted. The irony about history repeating itself, is that it repeats itself because people are too stupid to study it, and learn from it.

In 1969, he photocopied the 7,000 page study and gave it to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; in 1971 he gave it to the New York Times, Washington Post and 17 other newspapers. His trial, on twelve felony counts posing a possible sentence of 115 years, was dismissed in 1973 on grounds of governmental misconduct against him, which led to the convictions of several White House aides and figured in the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon. - (Daniel Ellsberg bio)

Or is it rather that Pete King, like Nixon's aides in 1969, have something to hide?


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