Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Christian Yoga

So I recently heard about something called christian yoga, and started to do a little digging. This review of a christian yoga book that I found on amazon.com is absolutely hilarious.

Yoga for the rest of Us, April 27, 2006
Reviewer: viktor_57 (Fairview, Your Favorite State, USA)

I am a God-fearing, patriotic, white American Christian who is not afraid of expanding my horizons with a little ethnic now and then. I even accompanied my wife to a few of her yoga classes, thinking it might do my stiff back some good. While yoga did do wonders for my back, when the instructor began talking about chakras, meditation and enlightenment, I knew I had to get out of there before I began worshipping elephants and two-headed gods.

I missed the relaxation, calm, and overall sense of greater healthfulness yoga gave me, but I was not about to let the temptations of mere physical and mental well-being lead me down the dark path and away from the One and True God. My wife thought my apprehension about the potential evil of these weird, Eastern ways was silly and that I should resume yoga. I love my wife dearly, and she is as good a helpmeet as a man could wish for, but I could not expect her to see the potential harm of practicing heathen rituals.

I was talking with my local pastor about the spiritual dangers of yoga when he informed me that a Christian yoga movement was on the rise and that I should check it out. I went on the web, found "Yoga for Christians" by Susan Bordenkircher, and decided to give it a try. This book not only has descriptive photographs for each of the positions and exercises, it also comes with an instructional DVD. More important, however, is the Christian focus of the book. Ms. Bordenkircher hits all the right notes, reminding us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, that we honor God with our bodies, and that everything we do and say must be as a representative of the Lord Jesus. So how does Bordenkircher reconcile the pagan practice of yoga with the greater glory of God?

"So to forego the healing benefits of yoga because it is sometimes practiced within a different belief system is like telling God that He is not big enough to take something from the dark and bring it into the light."

To Christians who fear that the yoga postures themselves constitute a form of pagan worship, Bordenkircher answers, "when you have a Christ-centered intent to your practice, how could holding that God-given vessel [our bodies] in any particular position be used for evil because of what another faith has named it?" She goes on to recount how many of our sacred hymns were adapted from popular bar songs and how rock and roll, the very embodiment of secular hedonism, has been co-opted into the service of the Lord by Christian rockers. Seen in this Christ-centered light, I realized I could not only enjoy the health benefits of yoga, but actually bring myself closer to God at the same time. Who would have thought that a pagan practice developed by Eastern heathens predating Christ by over a thousand years was actually a tool for the eventual glory of Christ the Lord? God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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