Friday, March 17, 2006

speak out, I dare you

So there's a guy in Australia called Richard Neville - writer, editor, journalist, social commentator. He created a website spoofing that of Australian Prime Minister John Howard, on which he posted a transcript of a fake speech in which John Howard apologizes for his involvement in the Iraq war.

So what happend ?

If you guessed that his site was shut down without warning, with no explanation from his service provider (Yahoo) or his domain registrar (Melbourne IT), you would be right. If you guessed that it took two days for him to be told that his site had "been closed on the advice from the Australian Government", you would be right.

Apparently our governments can shut down any dissenting voice at will. So much for freedom.

Speak out, I dare you.

link to story in Sydney Morning Herald
link to satirical speech


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