Friday, March 10, 2006

justice, finally

In 1999, a 13 year old Mexican girl was raped, and subsequently became pregnant. In a dazzling example of politicians minding other people's business, there was a huge effort to prevent her having an abortion, once facet of which involved the state attorney driving her to see a priest so that she could be told that abortion was a sin. (Which begs the question - do these guys really have nothing better to do?)

Seven years later, the Mexican government has finally admitted to its wrongdoing, and will pay her approximately $40,000 in reparations, and will additionally provide a stipend to support the child through high school.

I am always amazed that government and public officials show so much concern for babies while they are in the womb, only to divest themselves of responsibility once the child is born. Where is the free daycare, medical care, education? With this settlement, to a certain extent, justice has been served.

The LA times has a pretty good story on this.



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