Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dear MSDN (Part 2)

Dear MSDN.

Please direct your attention to the following code:

Hashtable myHT = new Hashtable();
myHT.Add("First", "Hello");
myHT.Add("Second", "World");
myHT.Add("Third", "!");

Console.WriteLine("\t{0}:\t{1}", myEnumerator.Key, myEnumerator.Value);

I know that its MY hashtable and MY enumerator, who else's would they be? Seriously?

Millions of clueless idiots read your examples because a) they don't know any better, and b) by continually providing worthless documentation, you have conditioned them to cut and paste example code rather than read a language specification and learning to do things properly.

By prefixing all variable names in your examples with worthless typographical diarrhea such as "my", you are helping to create an entire generation of programmers who will fill their namespace with worthless syntactic garbage, the practice of which you have apparently endorsed.

The more .cs I do, the more MDSN I have to read, and the more I feel like gouging my eyes out with a stick.


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