Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hungarian notation

I really wish people would drop this stupid shit once and for all. Especially if you're using an OO language - why the hell would you want to typecast by name a component which is polymorphous? Maybe Simonyi's ideas made sense 20 years ago, in C (which I still consider to be God's language), but its about the time you retards just let it the fuck go.

And what's the point in prefixing member components with crap like "m_"? Guess what, if you're coding in C#, everything is a member component now. The only reason you monkeys are doing this is because Microsoft, in an effort to differentiate itself from Java, encouraged the use of CamelCase for everything, making it impossible to differentiate between member functions and member variables, without the use of extraneous textual garbage.

I really, really hate reading sample code written by monkeys.


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