Thursday, February 02, 2006

CBS just doesn't get it

So CBS wants to sell it's episodes directly to consumers, instead of going through a middleman like Apple. Understandable, every layer is a piece of your profits that you don't want to give up.

Unfortunately, they will only strenghten Apple's strangehold on online media, because the terms under which they are selling their product are so asinine that consumers will reject it. CBS will then look at ABC's sales figures, which will be far better than theirs, and will come to the mistaken conclusion that the differentiator is Apple, as opposed to their draconian DRM.

CBS wants to sell you episodes of Survivor for $1.99, but you will only be able to view them for 24 hours after you bought it. ABC on the other hand, through Apple, will let you watch the shows as often as you like, forever. (Well, at least until they change the TOS, which they reserve the right to do at any time, which is why I boycott DRM material, regardless of vendor).

I wonder which of the two evils consumers will chose?



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