Thursday, February 09, 2006

britney !<3 baby seats

So the big news today is that Britney spears didn't use a car seat for her baby. To anyone talking about, discussing, otherwise wasting time with this crap, I have five words for you.


Who cares what Britney Spears does with her crotch dropping? Can someone please tell me why is this news?

Update: shows 598 registered news stories carrying this "story". It is a sad testament to the shallowness of our society that the maternal failings of one of our Eloi generates this much press. Just for reference, lets see what is "less important" than Britney and her baby.

Bush reveals details of 2002 terrorist plot - 423 related
Violence kills 38 in Pakistan - 543 related
Bush gives congress information about domestic spying - 388 related
US cancer deaths drop by 369 from 2002 to 2003 - 401 related
Russia to meet with Hamas to prevent tension escalations - 78 related

I really should stop reading the news - all it ever does is depress me.


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