Sunday, October 09, 2005

speak out, I dare you.

So there's this woman, her name is Lorrie Heasley. She lives in Washington. She was on her way to Portland to visit some family. Apparently she and her family are all Democrats traitors, so she decided to wear a funny t-shirt so they would have a good laugh when she got off the plane.

The t-shirt had a picture of Bush, Cheney and Rice, and the caption was "Meet The Fuckers", a parody of the movie poster for "Meet the Fockers".

What happened ?

If you guessed that she got kicked off the plane and the airline (Southwest) has refused to refund the price of her ticket, you'd be right.

Speak out, I dare you.


PS: If anyone can tell me where to get one of these t-shirts, I'd be grateful.


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