Sunday, October 09, 2005

speak out, I dare you.

So there's this guy called Walter Wolfgang. 82 year old resident of London. Jewish guy, escaped from Nazi Germany in 1937. Been a member of Britain's Labour party for 57 years. He went to the Labour conference, where some dude named Shaw was defending England's actions in Iraq. Walter, confident that he had left opression behind when he left Nazi Germany, yelled out "nonsense".

Remember, that this is in England, where heckling and interupting is normal.

So what happened ?

Well, if you guessed that Walter was ejected from the conference and had his security pass revoked under the Terrorism Act, and that Steve Forrest, a party chairman who happened to be sitting next to him that complained about how the security guards treated a 82 year old man got kicked out too, you'd be right.

Speak out, I dare you.



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