Friday, September 02, 2005

violence in NOLA

So I got an interesting email from a friend of mine, and I thought I'd post my answer.

I just can't believe what's going on... Can you believe that they've been raping women and children? What kind of animals are they?!?!

Say that someone sets off an biological or chemical weapon in the middle of New York city. This is a scenario which has been predicted, and which the government has allegedly spent considerable time and money preparing for.

If such an attack were to occur, people will need to be evacuated, fed, watered, housed, and order will need to be restored. Looting, arson and violent crime will need to be controlled. Relief forces will need to be coordinated. Communications will be a mess. Food and fuel supplies were be quickly exhausted. Special consideration will need to be given to those that are physically infirm, hospitalized, bedridden, imprisoned, or otherwise unable to move themselves.

By sheer coincidence, this is exactly what is happening in New Orleans as of right now. To date, the actions of the government have been catastrophic failures, through a combination of a total lack of planning, general stupidity, incompetence at a national level, and the fact that a large portion of the National Guard, whose very reason for existence is to mitigate disasters such as these, is currently stationed in Iraq.

Let's not forget that they had days to plan, its not like they didn't know that a hurricane of epic proportions was coming. Bear in mind also that New Orleans is relatively small, with a population of half a million, as opposed to cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago, which have populations numbering in the tens of millions.

Surely you don't really think that rape, pedophelia and other violent crime were non-existent in New Orleans before Katrina? The only thing that has changed is that the police forces which are supposed to maintain order and protect have collapsed under the weight of anarchy. Portraying the people there as savage animals makes it easier to to stop thinking of them as being victims of government failure.

It is my opinion that by overreporting incidences of these crimes, the media is taking an active role in diverting attention away from the utter lack of preparation at a national level for this kind of disaster.


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