Wednesday, August 17, 2005

judith miller <3 hip-hop

Judith Miller is currently in jail trying to shellac herself with martyr in the vain hope of restoring what little credibility, if any, she had left after selling herself out as a partisan hack. (Which begs the question, why do they not revoke Pulitzer Prizes?)

Anyway, there's a story that discusses her at Salon, and I found this particularly funny. (emphasis mine).

Reports from visitors indicate she is holding up well, but has had some stomach problems related to jail food, misses the Internet and outside contact, and has had to withstand a constant stream of hip-hop videos on the communal television sets.

Life's tough Judy, you should be glad that watching hip-hop videos is the worst you've suffered so far. The two thousand or so dead US soldiers that gave their lives up to the war that you helped sell to the masses have it quite a bit worse than you do.



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