Tuesday, August 09, 2005

cindy sheehan

(Img. McClatchy News Service file, 2004/Lisa Nipp)

Cindy Sheehan is getting a lot of press these days. Her son was killed and she is now camping at the side of the road leading to W's ranch (where he will be for the next five weeks while he is on vacation) until she gets a chance to talk to him. Naturally, pigs will fly before she gets to meet the prez, but the publicity is very entertaining.

Since her son's death on April 4, 2004, Sheehan has devoted herself to protesting the war and the Bush administration. She has spoken on Capitol Hill, demonstrated at military recruiting centers in Sacramento, and was featured in a campaign ad during last fall's presidential campaign.

Note to self: Its a bad idea to send other people's kids off to die. You might piss off their mothers.



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