Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bill. You're a dick.


Microsoft is having a hard time finding skilled workers within the United States, and the lack of H-1B visas for skilled workers is only making the situation worse, Gates said in a panel discussion at the Library of Congress.

Tell the truth. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Microsoft is having a hard time finding workers within the United States that are willing to work for peanuts? And lets be honest, working at Redmond isn't that attractive anymore, now that a large portion of your staff is perpetually in a state of temp-perm with no bennies.

Oh, and good luck keeping what few creative people you have, now that you've bent over for the Religious Right and pulled support for the gay rights bill (I'd like to see Ballmer dance his way out of this one), and now that its been leaked that you're paying Ralph Reed 20k$ a month for whatever it is that he does. I'll bet there isn't a programmer in Redmond making that much dough.

Undersecretary of Commerce Phil Bond, a top Bush administration technology official, pointed out that the unemployment rate for engineers is above the national average.

Well no shit Sherlock. The jobs are all going to foreign kids fresh out of school that don't know any better and will let corporate bloodsuckers like you exploit them while you dazzle them with doors and free pizza. And soda.

Reap what you sow; pay peanuts, get monkeys. That's why your code sucks, thats why XBox is one of the biggest financial disasters of all time, thats why you're getting spanked left and right by Google, and thats why your OS is a bloated insecure piece of crap that is chasing everyone to osX. And speaking of bloated insecure piece of crap, what has the release date of Longhorn slipped to lately?


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