Monday, March 07, 2005

License plates in Florida

When I moved from California to Florida I had to get new license plates for my car. I went to the tag office, and discovered that there are lots of custom license plates you can get. If you get one, you pay a little extra, and that money you pay goes to support the cause that is associated with the plates. A convenient mini contribution to a cause, and you get a special plate so other people can see what you supported. Great isn't it?

Florida has lots and lots of causes - "Indian River Lagoon", "Protect Florida Whales", "State Wildflower", "Manatee". There's even a plate for the "Large Mouth Bass". Sports teams? We got 'em - "Florida Marlins", "Florida Panthers", "Jacksonville Jaguars", and the "Miami Dolphins". Kids get plates too - you can get a plate to support the "Boy Scouts", "Keep Kids Drug Free" and "Invest in Children". Military, of course - "U.S. Air Force", "U.S. Army", "U.S. Coast Guard". Sports "U.S. Olympics". Colleges and Universities - "Florida Institute of Technology", "Florida A & M". There are even plates for women - "Stop Breast Cancer" and "Choose Life".

Funny though, I didn't see a "Protect a Woman's Right to Choose" plate on the list.

Very funny indeed.


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