Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Free iPod music

So I went on a ski trip last weekend, and it turned out that I lost the cable to connect my MiniDisc player to my computer. And I couldn't find any blank discs. And I lost the adapter for the charger.

Rather than spend a bunch of cash buying old tech, I decided to take the plunge into the digital era and picked up an iPod Mini. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I picked up a As Is/Open Box model, which someone had apparently bought and returned. (Incidentally, with the savings I was able to pick up a Best Buy 3 year extended warranty for almost what a "virgin" iPod would have cost).

Now I'm not going to write odes in praise of the iPod because to be honest, I really don't see what the public's fascination with this device is. What I did find very cool was the fact that there were almost 900 songs on the thing when I got it, almost half of them from artists that I had never heard of. (Did you know there was Spanish ska? I didn't).

This weekend I'm going to start scouring the local Best Buys and Circuit Citys to see what other musical treasure chests I can dig up.

To the anonymous person whose purchase (and return) provided me with 1.7 days of a truly fascinating mix of new music that I would never have listened to otherwise, thank you.


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