Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Consumer Reports tests condoms.

Picked this up from my favourite blog, boingboing

Consumer Reports, has recently done a comparison test on condoms. Frankly, given the obvious health benefits of condoms, its about time. Since we live in Puritan America, it seems that there are actually some Consumer Reports subscribers that were so offended by the subject matter, that they have cancelled their Consumer Reports subscriptions in protest.

CR has a feedback link, via which I sent this letter to the editor.

Dear Sir,

I have heard through the online community that some of your more ignorant readers have taken offence on your recent article on condoms and are cancelling their subscriptions, despite the overwhelming evidence that condoms reduce unwanted preganancies and help prevent the transmission of STDs and the deadly AIDS virus.

I am a former CR subscriber that did not renew his subscription as I did not wish to support such an overtly conservative organization. I hereby pledge to renew my subscription if provided with good faith evidence of a condom related cancellation, such as a condom cancellation letter (names may be of course removed).



If you are so inclinded, send a letter to the editor praising their action.


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